(My) Phone(s) Home, with a nod to E.T.

I suddenly realized that my mobile phone is home! As I was calling around Santa Cruz catching up with people it dawned on me that my phone was back in its home area code. No wonder it’s working so well! It’s not the new iPhone 4 that’s the problem, I’ve simply taken it away from its area in it’s complaining.

Does this mean I need to get a Portland area code? hmmmm, I think not, I love my 831 area code, it’s kinda like when they split Manhattan and Carrie could no longer get 212. I’ll have to do something nice for my phone, may a new case now and then, and make it feel at home in Portland.

Speaking of feeling at home, the Closure Tour continues.

As disjointed as San Francisco felt to me this time around, Santa Cruz has been like putting on your favorite sweats. Walking the streets, wandering the roads on the bike, dropping in on old friends…it all feels perfectly right. This truly was, and is, home in many ways. I’ll be curious to see as the years go by if my reactions to this place change as they have to San Francisco. Different places in one’s life, different times in one’s life, different people, they all lend their unique imprint onto our geographic memory banks and leave us with our lifelong impressions.

This trip is subtly changing some of those impressions for me. Is it time? Is it place? Is it people? Is it…..dare I even say…..age?

Time, and the rest of this journey, may tell. Stay tuned.

About pdxwiz

Robby is a writer/photographer who splits his time between home in Portland, OR and home-away-from home in Key West. He posts on whatever flights of fancy strike his often restless mind. Stupid media gets his ire up, reflective history makes him happy/sad/wistful, and people always amaze him in any way. Feel free to suggest a topic if, after reading something of his, you feel you'd like to hear his take on an issue.
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