“Oh My Bags Are Packed, I’m Ready To Go, I’m Standin’ Here, Outside The Door…”

Singing a little altered version of Peter Paul and Mary; “Leavin’ ON a big bike…”. My bags are packed, the rain here in Portland looks to be ending this evening and the Road Gods appear to be granting me safe passage and sunshine all the way down through California! Stay tuned for adventures and updates as I meander the byways and visit with many, many old friends!

About pdxwiz

Robby is a writer/photographer who lives in the Caochella Valley near Palm Springs, CA.. He posts on whatever flights of fancy strike his often restless mind. Stupid media gets his ire up, reflective history makes him happy/sad/wistful, and people always amaze him in any way. Feel free to suggest a topic if, after reading something of his, you feel you'd like to hear his take on an issue.
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