One Week To Go……..sorta

I’m watching the weather hourly , it seems, and it’s changing almost as rapidly.  Some days it tells me it will be sunny and wonderful all the way down the Oregon coast and others, like tonight, it tells me it will be 3 days of miserable rainy weather….not my favorite type of riding.

Should it be saying rain next week, I’m considering bolting down I5 to California, which, ironically, shows nothing by sunny, and slipping into the Russian River area for a couple of days of back-roads in my favorite area, Sonoma County and then hitting San Francisco.

I’ll consider schlepping up the coast on my way back to visit John and Brad and Bruce etal, weather cooperating!

Stay tuned.

About pdxwiz

Robby is a writer/photographer who lives in the Caochella Valley near Palm Springs, CA.. He posts on whatever flights of fancy strike his often restless mind. Stupid media gets his ire up, reflective history makes him happy/sad/wistful, and people always amaze him in any way. Feel free to suggest a topic if, after reading something of his, you feel you'd like to hear his take on an issue.
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