Welcome to the home of PDXWIZ, the words and photos of a life well in progress.

9 Responses to Home

  1. N Schwartz says:

    A minor nit to pick, but Frank, the perfectionist, would never want it otherwise. In Italian it is famiglia.

  2. Read your post on Counterpunch. I would like to acknowledge and echo your feelings expressed. I too have felt “righteous rage” for at least a decade now. Nobody listens to me. I’ve destroyed and damaged friendships and relations. But I’ve been right the entire time. But since I’m not educated nor do I have a platform (it used to be Facebook but I’ve since quit) I had no credibility. I feel you. Hopefully people will wake up and realize soon. But be careful with righteous anger. It almost destroyed me.

  3. Rodney P Lindsey says:

    I am a combat wounded marine vietnam veterans have been angry for fifty plus years lost my trust in government back in 1969 sprayed and betrayed, It is all about power and money people dont count for nothing but pawns in a scam about democracy, we are a nation controlled by the elite rich.

    • pdxwiz says:

      Rodney, I could not agree more. We are in times that have not been lived in generations, if ever. The ground under us has shifted. Like the rest of the thinking people, I am having to learn how to live with the 38% who simply hate. It is propelling me to write more and to try and search out a new paradigm in which to reach out to humans, those that are left around us, and maintain what compassion and sanity we can. I thank you for your words. Stay tuned, there will be more of mine to come.

  4. Horatio Happablatt says:

    Compassion and Sanity. Rare words indeed…

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